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A Really smart GPS Tracker for kids and pets

MiTrail MXP-5000 Portable GPS Tracker Motion and Impact Sensing Trax is a GPS-tracker that lets you locate your children and pets - through a mobile App or computer. It's smart, affordable and getting started is as easy as a breeze. ОБЗОРОВ: 16 GPS online in Canada. FREE Shipping & FREE Returns. Shop for GPS,GPS Accessories, GPS Golf Systems, Automotive GPS, GPS Trackers, Sport GPS at Canad

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When you set up your tracker you can easily share it with anyone who uses the Trax App. You are in control at all times. It's very easy to toggle the sharing for individual trackers and followers

Trax comes with a free App that is intuitive and easy to use. You will be able to follow your trackers in real-time and there is no limit to how many trackers you can add.

Create as many safe zones as you need and get alerts whenever a tracker enters or exits these areas.